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SEO Services in NYC Combined With Unique Web Design

iDesignYours provides SEO Services in NYC, organically linking seo and web design in a seamless manner so they work synergistically to make your website a greater success. Some web designers focus on the “look” of the website, leaving out other important considerations like search engine optimization and performance. Oftentimes clients find themselves spending thousands of dollars on SEO specialists to come in later and fix their sites. Search engine optimization isn’t an afterthought –it’s the architecture of your whole website, the starting point.

Website Performance

What is website performance, and how does affect your SEO?

Website performance consists of a lot of different factors including loading speed, user experience and mobile responsiveness. Google considers these factors when deciding where to place your website in the search results. For example, if you have a slow loading website with errors in the coding and a poor user experience, you will have a hard time getting a good search result. Most website performance work is done in the backend of the website where the general public doesn’t see it –only the result. If your website is built on one of the more popular platforms such as WordPress, a lot of the performance work can be done by properly configuring the correct plugins. Although, to achieve the highest scores on Google Pagespeed Insights, you will need to work with a developer that specializes in this type of work, since it involves knowledge of html coding, javascript and css. Bottom line – having higher performance scores can improve your SEO.

Content Marketing

Your Content Answers People’s Questions And Builds Trust



Content marketing is really – marketing you. It gives people a chance to get to know you and your business a little better. It shows your knowledge and expertise on the subject they are searching for. And content educates people. Of course, if you can get your message across in an entertaining manner, so much the better. Most importantly, content gives you the opportunity to gain the trust of your prospects by showing them you know how to solve their problem. Content is King –and that means it’s at the heart of SEO!





In Summary

A well designed website that best answers the searcher’s questions – keeping user experience foremost in mind, will gain popularity with both searchers and search engines. This should be your goal when hiring a web designer or search engine optimization specialist.



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