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We are a SEO Company in New York focused on delivering a premium service with honesty and integrity. We understand that some clients have had terrible experiences in the past dealing with unscrupulous individuals claiming to be search engine optimization “specialists” when in reality they are just glorified web designers with a minute amount of SEO knowledge. We guarantee you premium service, always, with quantifiable results. That’s our promise to you.


Great Reasons To Work With iDesignYours

SEO and Web Design Company in New York
  • We are a NYC SEO Company, “clientcentric” in nature and laser focused on getting you fast results. We use time tested search engine optimization techniques in a transparent manner, always including you in the process.
  • You get first rate, personal attention from the owner, same day, always!. Calls usually returned within 2 hours.
  • We always over-deliver because your success is what perpetuates ours!
  • We use the 3 D’s to make your SEO a success: Diligence, Deliberation and Determination


Blaise Messino - Owner, North Star Auto Collision

When my website was finished, it showed up on page 1 of Google almost immediately! I really lucked out finding this company. They were honest and always gave a little more than I expected.

Blaise Messino
Owner / North Star Auto Collision

Brian Dean - Founder of Backlinko

This was amazing, Philip! So so funny and well done.

Brian Dean
Founder / Backlinko

Mark Traphagen - Content Strategy Director at Perficient Digital

Very clever use of video to illustrate the points of your article!

Mark Traphagen
Content Strategy Director / Perficient Digital

Jonathan Nyberg - New Mountain Voices

Phil did a great job with my SEO, he gave me new insight on ways to improve my footprint and be seen on many platforms. SEO isn't an overnight deal, so his persistence pays off.

Jonathan Nyberg
New Mountain Voices

Laura Truncellito

iDesignYours increased the visibility of our site in search results for our local area, and it didn't take very long to see it happen.

Laura Truncellito

Jamie MacDonnell - Kennebec Humane Society

iDesignYours has been great to do work with! The services provided are professional, creative and high-quality. Phillip is very responsive to customer requests and ideas.

Jamie MacDonnell
Kennebec Humane Society

What Is SEO?

SEO, also referred to as search engine optimization, is the method by which a specialist in this field improves a website’s visibility in the search results. In the simplest terms, an SEO Agency is tasked with moving your website up in the search results, preferably to page 1 of Google.

The movement of your website to page 1 will presumably garner you more traffic, though this is not always the case. A website lower on the page with a more provocative, well written title and description may precipitate a higher click through rate (CTR). Click through rate is the amount of times people click on your “search snippet” and visit your site. It’s technical jargon for “more traffic”.

Click through rate, in and of itself, may play an important role in search engine optimization. Google constantly crawls the web gathering information about websites. A higher CTR may indicate to Google that a website contains more valuable information than those above or below it in the results. This can result in the website with the higher CTR moving up in the search results.

There are, however, many factors affecting the position of your website in the search results. Google has what are known as “algorithms”, a means by which it judges your website and where it will end up in the results. Sad but true – Google can make or break your business, so you should pay attention to the means your SEO Specialist is using to improve your visibility.

Google does not tolerate cheaters who use “black hat SEO,” techniques that game the system. If you get caught using these, your website could be penalized severely, and in some cases, de-indexed from Google.


Well, to start off with, an SEO Agency should audit your website to determine what problems may exist, be they technical or pertaining to user experience. Some examples of corrections that can be made are; improving poorly written content, deleting duplicate content, fixing slow loading speed, making sure your website is optimized for mobile, and that Google can properly crawl it, to name a few.

After the audit is completed, your SEO Specialist will give you the results and explain what needs to be done in order to improve your search status.

From there you can plan a course of action, depending on your budgetary and time constraints. This plan of action and ensuing process should always be transparent and your SEO Specialist should be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding it.



FAQ about SEO

How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work?

SEO can work within days of the site going live, or it can take as much as several months to see improvement. The length of time it takes to see results depends on various factors, not the least of which is the competitiveness of the keyword you are trying to rank for. An example of this might be trying to rank for a keyword like “personal injury attorney NYC”. This keyword, by nature, will be very competitive, based on the fact that it is a popular search term that can result in the acquisition of huge cases. Lawyers will naturally pay a premium to rank for such a keyword, hence its competitiveness.

How Do Longtail Keywords Play Into SEO?

A longtail keyword is a search term that includes more than one word and is more specific in nature. Here is an example of the difference between a keyword vs. a longtail keyword. A general keyword could be a term such as “lawyer”. A longtail version of this could be, “divorce lawyer in Orlando”. Adding a location makes the search more specific and thereby narrows down the competition. A million people across the country may be searching for the general term “lawyer”, while those living in Orlando and planning a divorce will be more likely to search for the term, “divorce lawyer in Orlando”. The longtail keyword also helps define user intent. At iDesignYours, we specialize in finding the right keywords for your business, and making sure that you rank for them.

How Mobile Responsiveness Affects Your SEO?

Google has placed a lot of weight on the mobile responsiveness of your website when it comes to SEO. This is due to the increased volume of searches performed on mobile, as compared to desktop. So, in order to keep up with accepted SEO practices, your website should perform well on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. User Experience plays a role in this also. For example, if your website looks fine on a desktop computer but looks “crunched” together or too small to read on mobile, the user will most likely spend less time on your site. Is your mobile site easy to navigate? Are menu tabs far enough apart to be clicked on easily, or is navigating your website on a phone like chipping concrete? Oh, yes, and speed- your website should load fast on your mobile device as well. According to the experts, your site should load in 2 seconds or less. These factors are what Google refers to as User Experience.

What Are Backlinks In Regards To SEO?

Backlinks, since the Dawn of Google, have been considered one of, if not the most important factor when it comes to ranking a website in the search results. This is because if a website with a high domain authority (great value and a lot of trust in the eyes of Google) takes the time to put a link in their website leading back to yours, then the perception of Google is that your site must have value. Valuable sites rank higher in the results because they provide a better search experience for the searcher, who is Google’s first concern.

How Will A SEO Agency Acquire Backlinks For Your Website?

To start off with, the SEO Agency you hire, if they’re worth their salt, will have a list of online directories to sign up your business with. Some of these are free, some have a nominal fee of up to $30 / month. Most include opportunities to place backlinks to your website. The more places your site shows up in, the more opportunity you have to get traffic. More Traffic = Better Search Result. And I have to qualify that remark with the more traffic that stays on your site without immediately bouncing off it equals better search results.

Google times each visitor to your website. The longer a visitor stays (“dwell time”), the more valuable the information on your site is perceived to be by Google. Up we go!

Directories are just the beginning when it comes to acquiring backlinks for your site. There are other advanced techniques such as Guestographics, guest posting, and backlink outreach, to name a few. These are more intricate and time consuming than signing up with directories, but the outcomes can really raise the bar, if you are successful.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

It’s a good question with many answers. In my opinion, the complexity of the job and the experience of the SEO Agency you hire will play a role in the price. An SEO Specialist can make anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour, and there are also monthly packages which can be negotiated. I’ve seen SEO’s with fees as high as 50k / mo., but this can mean they have a dedicated staff of ten people working on your project for 40 hours each a week.

It’s probably safe to say you will be spending $3,000 or more a month for a competent SEO that will deliver a measurable result.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to pricing is for the client to walk away knowing they got the result agreed upon from the outset, and to feel the SEO Specialist they hired really went the extra mile to provide value above and beyond the expectation of the client.

Our Guarantee: Purchase our 3 Month Premium SEO Package, and if we can’t get you on page 1 of Google for the agreed upon search term, we will work for free until we do.