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Content Marketing and SEO Strategies for Drug Rehabs

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The success of a drug rehab in today’s viciously competitive marketplace hinges not only on its word of mouth outreach, but also on its online marketing.

An Addiction Story All Too Common…

Picture this: A businessman goes to a bar afterwork for “just one or two” drinks. After all, he can’t spend too much time there, his wife is at home after a long day’s work, expecting his company and some ‘quiet time’. His kids have to be in bed early for school tomorrow. So, just one or two maybe.

Then, unexpectedly, a few of his buddies show up. They buy him a round, he feels obligated, so he buys them a round. One of them invites him into the bathroom for a quick ‘pick me up’, because after all this drinking, you can get a little tired. So he goes and does a few lines of coke (cocaine).

The next thing he knows, it’s 10:30pm. His ‘friends’ are gone. His kids are already in bed, disappointed they didn’t get to see daddy tonight. His wife is beside herself, remembering the last time he did this and promised never again. He let everyone down. Boy, is he in a jam!

Now he’s desperate. He asks himself, “How will I ever fix this? If I go home empty handed, my marriage will be on the rocks. If my wife leaves me, she’ll take the kids. I’m desperate, what can I do?”

He remembers seeing a drug recovery center commercial on tv, but he can’t remember the place- that was when he was home, sober. What does he do?

He goes outside the bar, finds a quiet place and takes out his phone. In a voice search he asks for “drug recovery center”. Google returns results for drug addiction recovery centers nearby. He waivers for a minute, then calls. A warm, supportive voice on the other end asks, “Hello, how may I help you?”

This could be the beginning of his journey to sobriety. At minimum, if he makes an appointment, he can sleep at home tonight, without getting kicked out for coming home stoned, again. He makes the appointment to go in the next day. Done! 

If you manage a drug and alcohol recovery center, or are a business development manager for one, you are no doubt familiar with this scenario.

And that’s just one possible scenario. There are many others. If a person, like the man in the bar seeking help from a drug and alcohol recovery center, will they be able find yours easily?

You want it to be this simple: when someone does a voice search for a drug or alcohol rehab, in the condition the abovementioned man is in, they’re not going to search past the first page of Google. Not in a million years. You want him to find you- right there, on top.

How? By implementing a Content Marketing and SEO strategy that helps get your website ranked on Google.


What is content marketing, and how can it help get people in the door of your drug rehab?

Content marketing is creating articles, blog posts, videos, and graphic design highly relevant to what your prospective clients are looking for. An example of this would be taking something that is much talked about on the news, like Fentanyl overdoses, and writing about it on your website blog.

You would then take that blog post and repost it on all your social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and any others you may have a presence on.

Another method that helps get the word out is boosting your posts on Facebook. This can help you effectively reach a large target audience for pennies on the dollar  

Drug Rehabs: Content Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand

One goal of social media posts should be to drive visitors to your website. You own your website- you don’t own your social media pages. They can be taken down at any time and you can be blocked. We’ve all seen it happen. So, make your website ground zero for your online marketing efforts.

The traffic you bring to your website from social media posting will send a message to Google that you are out there, getting noticed. This is considered by most SEO experts as a top-ranking factor: traffic.

How can you find relevant topics to write about for your drug rehab blog?

The best place to start is with a Google search. Let’s say you are looking to dive deeper into the latest trends on drug overdoses. You Google “drug overdose trends”. Many topics with pop up. Then you go on social media and search for any one for the topics you found on Google and see what is most popular. Reddit is a good place to see what people are talking about. The bottom line is, it’s all out there already, you just have to curate it, make it your own, and then push it around on social media.

As ridiculous as it is, TikTok is a good place to post about your drug rehab!

And please keep in mind that each social media platform has a different format for posting. For example, Youtube has long form videos, while TikTok has short ones. Youtube tends to be for an older audience than TikTok, but both are ‘monsters’ when it comes to monthly visits. Millions upon millions of people visit these social media sites monthly, and they’re free- so don’t miss out. They can be a goldmine, if you have all your ducks in order.  

SEO for drug rehabs

While creating valuable content is essential, optimizing it for search engines is equally important. What this means, in simple terms is, you want someone searching Google to find your drug rehab in the top of local search results. This may not be such a simple feat, considering how competitive drug rehab marketing is. You should choose your SEO Specialist wisely, or else you could end up spinning your wheels, while your bank account gets drained.

The Best Places to Get Found On Google

The best places to get found on Google are the ‘Map Pack’, the area at the top of page 1 for any local search. It is usually just below the sponsored ads. The map pac usually consists of 3 visible listings (the rest you need to click a view more tab-which nobody does). These listings are next to a map with red tabs on it signifying the locations of the businesses.

Organic Search Results

Below the map pac are the ‘organic’ search results. Google’s organic search results tend to be the most clicked on. Sometimes it’s a toss up between organic and the map pack, but these two are generally considered the top traffic sources to your website from Google.

People suffer from “Banner Blindness” when it comes to paid ads! 

People often skip over the sponsored ads / pay per click, for a reason folks in the business refer to as ‘banner blindness’. It’s a basic distrust of things that are paid for rather than earned. Not to say they don’t work, but you need to carefully balance paid ads vs. organic SEO.        

Measuring and analyzing your SEO and Content Marketing Efforts

To gauge the effectiveness of your content marketing and SEO strategies, you should regularly monitor and analyze key performance metrics. This includes tracking website traffic, keyword rankings, and other relevant KPIs using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and third-party SEO software.

Of course, the ultimate way of knowing if your marketing is working is if you are getting more clients. Period. Increasing your bottom line is the bottom line!


Both content marketing and SEO are part of an arsenal of indispensable tools for a drug recovery center to help increase its success. These go hand in hand with branding and web design. For more info. or to get a FREE SEO Audit of your drug rehab website, please visit https://idesignyours.com/