Search Engine Optimization

Successful SEO is about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for your and Google’s users.

SEO – What is it, and where does it hale from?

SEO, in the simplest terms, means having your website constructed in such a way as to get a “pat on the back” from Google. If your site is good enough, Google will put you on page 1 –and that can be a game-changer. Keep in mind though –SEO is not the only factor that will affect your business on the web. Online reviews can also have a huge impact.

Search Engine Optimization

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, predominantly for “brick and mortar” storefront businesses, is getting found easily on the web when someone searches for services that you offer in a local area, such as Sonoma Valley, California or NYC.

Local SEO

For example, a person might be searching for a Medicaid Fraud Attorney in NY. Google will find the businesses that are closest to the location in the search.

How is Local SEO Achieved?

Local SEO is garnered by creating search engine optimized listings in local directories such as Google Places and Yelp. Of course there are many others like Yellow Pages, Bing for Business and Foursquare. All these listings not only improve your website’s SEO, but they also provide other avenues for traffic to your site.

Social Media and SEO

Yes, social media can not be overlooked when it comes to SEO. In fact, according to the experts, social media can play a major role in getting your website to rank well in Google. The main thing is, the more eyes that are on your business, the happier Google will be. And when “Uncle Goog” is happier, he just may reward you with a little spot of your own… right there on page 1!

On Page SEO

Another consideration for SEO is on-page optimization. Basically this means having your keywords in the right places on your website so people visiting your site know right away what you are offering. 

If people don’t find answers to their questions quickly, they’ll leave your site and go to your competitors.

Website Speed for SEO

Speed Is A Factor

People are impatient these days. They want everything right away. Can you blame them? I mean, who wants to wait on line? Same is true for their web experience –they want lightning results, so your website better load quickly. Google employees have broken the silence and stated that “Uncle Goog” is pleased with sites that load in 2 seconds or less. Geez, what is this, the Indy 500?! Well, yes, in a sense it is – because that’s what makes people happy. Getting answers quick –without waiting or making a science project out of it!

We have created websites that load in less than 1 second. Our websites consistently score above 90 on Pingdom Performance Tests.

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