How To Save A Copy Of Your Website On Your Computer (No Coding!)

Video Tutorial

*Before doing anything to your website, make sure you have a backup saved!

The host we are using today is Siteground, although all of them should be fairly similar, albeit slightly harder or easier.

Log in to your hosting account and find the site you want to download


1. Log in to your Siteground Admin Area using your username and password.

2. Then, click on “WEBSITES”.

3. Then, click on “COLLABORATIONS”.

4. Now you can see your domain list. Click on the “Site Tools” button below the domain whose website will download the file.

5. In left hand side, click on “SITE” below DASHBOARD.

6. Now, you will see “File Manager” and “MySQL” below SITE.

Download Website Files

7. In left hand column, click on “File Manager” below SITE.

8. Now, you will see all of your website files. Find the one that says, “public_html” and click on it.

9. Hold down “ctrl” tab on your computer and Select All Files. Then in top bar on the page, select Archive button.

“WARNING! Archive icon is right next to trash- do not delete your files by accidentally clicking on the trash icon!

10. After you click on the Archive icon, a small box will appear asking you to name your archived file. Type in “backup”. Click on the orange tab that says “confirm”.

You will see a box with wheels turning and “Your request is being processed.” Then you will see a new box- Success.

11. Click on “close” when you see Success (for reference, this is at 4:51 in the video). 

12. Go back to your file manager page and click on “”.

13. Go to nav bar and click on the download icon.

CAREFUL! This is also next to the trash icon!

14. Save the file on your Computer. Name the folder and where you want to save it on your computer.

Ahhh…that’s done!

Second Step – Download Website Database (SQL) (6:06)

1. In the left-hand column of your admin dashboard, go down to “MySQL” and click on it.

2. On the MySQL Manager Page, click on the “PHPMYADMIN” tab. (6:30 video)

3. Click on ACCESSPHPMYADMIN orange tab. 

4. On the new page click on the database for your domain, on the left-hand side. (7:10 video)

5. In the nav bar at the top of the page, click on the “Export” tab.  

6. Click “Go”.

7. Save the database (SQL) on your computer- DONE!