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A website is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Is yours working for you?

Good Web Design Grows Your Business

Your website should be like a beacon… guiding people to your business.

The impression people get when they look at your website is similar to the one they get when they meet you in person for the first time. Is your site “well groomed”? Does it have a “firm handshake and make good eye contact”? Well groomed refers to the look of your website, while the handshake and eye contact refers to how well your website conveys your message. For example, if you are a Personal Injury Attorney in NYC, you might want to show your best recovery for a client, and your best review, prominently on the homepage. Oh, and your website better look great on a mobile device too!

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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Your website should conform to the device it is being visited on.

There are several factors that go into mobile-friendly web design, one of them being readability. Are the words on your website too small to read when it comes to viewing it on a cell phone? Is your site hard to navigate because everything is positioned too closely together for people to be able to click on the tabs with their clunky fingers? These are some of the things your web designer should be keenly aware of and adept at fixing.

Content Plays A Role In Web Design

If the design of your website is what catches their attention – the message is what makes them buy.

The message people get from your website should be that you are the right one for them to do business with, based on your expertise and the ability to solve their problem. You must communicate this on your website, in no uncertain terms. You will convert more website visitors into customers by impressing them with your skills and ability than by trying to “persuade” them to buy.

Writing Content for Web Design

Include Images and Video On Your Website

Visuals improve SEO and Conversion.

Good visuals serve several purposes including; helping to make your point in a different medium than text and increasing the time people spend on your website. How engaging would a website be if it didn’t have any pictures? Not very. Conversely, if a person watches a video from your site, it dramatically increases their dwell time, which Google takes into account as part of its algorithm. More time on site = better search results.

Search Engine Optimization And Web Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what gets your website found. What good is a great looking website if nobody can find it, really?! This is a very specialized field, completely different than simple web design. Hiring a web designer with no specific SEO skills to optimize your site is like going to a nose doctor for a hip replacement!
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Include Reviews As Part Of Your Web Design

Wherever possible you should include your best reviews on your website, and even have a link for satisfied customers to leave reviews. If designed properly, these can really help conversion rates.

Remember, you get one chance to make that first impression – you’d better make it count! Hire iDesignYours today to develop a business website you’ll love; fully functional and ready to go!

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