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Long Island SEO — Helping Your business Show Up in Local Search Results for Long Island

What is Long Island SEO? It is a service that applies different disciplines to your website to make it rank higher in Google search results. For example, if you own a business in Long Island, whether it’s in Great Neck or Garden City, showing up high in the local search results can be a game-changer.

For example, let’s say you are an Orthopedic Surgeon or Personal Injury Lawyer with an office is in Nassau County. When people search for the terms; “personal injury lawyer Nassau County”, or “Orthopedic Surgeon Nassau County”, does your business show up on page 1? If it doesn’t, you may be missing a big piece of the pie. Most people searching Google for a local business never look past page 1. Therefore it is imperative to have good SEO in order to succeed online.

iDesignYours has experience in getting businesses to show up in the “map pack” as well as organic searches on page 1 of Google.

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How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work?

It depends on your competition. For instance, let’s say you are an attorney with a new website and no SEO. Your competition is a 20 year veteran who’s paid thousands of dollars to SEO companies over the years. It will take some skill and effort on the part of your Long Island SEO Specialist to compete with them. Typically, you should expect to see some movement in your website’s search position within the first month of SEO work. Three to six months would be a reasonable amount of time to expect any kind of meaningful results. Google moves in mysterious ways, and it is impossible to guarantee any exact result.
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How Much Does Effective Long Island SEO Cost?

Maybe a better question would be, “How much is it costing your business not to have good SEO?” How much is one new client a month worth to you? If you own a business in Long Island, a new client each month, on top of what you already have, can really make a difference. This is what good SEO makes possible. Of course, as your search position improves, so can your conversions. For a straight forward SEO price quote, your website and goals need to be evaluated. This is where a Long Island SEO Specialist can help. Search engine optimization can range anywhere from $750 – $5000 or more a month, depending the amount of service you want.

What Will Long Island SEO Do For You?

The process we use at iDesignYours is fairly simple. We start off with an assessment of your current search engine optimization. This means analyzing your website for structural improvements, checking your website’s domain authority and backlinks, as well as checking which keywords you rank for.
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After we go over your website to find ways to improve it, we analyze your competition. Who is beating you in local searches and what are they doing that you aren’t? What keywords are they using that you can exploit? What is their domain authority? Maybe we have to come up with some valuable high DA backlinks to bridge the gap between your domain score and your competitors.

Keyword research is basically finding the most popular search terms related to your business. There are general terms like personal injury attorney for instance, that people may search when looking for your business, and then there are more specific search terms people use, such as car accident attorney garden city. The latter is sometimes referred to as a long tail keyword, and while these don’t always get the same amount of searches as the generic term personal injury attorney, the people searching them tend to be more motivated and more likely to convert.

After doing our research to see what’s going on with your current search engine optimization, we come up with a game plan.

Please keep in mind that Google is ever changing. They constantly update their search algorithms to make sure their search engine is the best out there. This means that your long island SEO Specialist has to try different things and think outside of the box.

After the analysis and planning phase, we’ll start working with onsite SEO. We like using the Yoast plugin for WordPress to implement onsite SEO. 

Aside from the typical “title, tags and meta-description” items, we carefully look for ways to add your chosen keywords to the page, organically. This means keeping your website content engaging while staying on point. We also make sure that your keywords are placed strategically throughout your page, so as to keep the integrity of your page structure.

Offsite SEO depends heavily on backlinks to your website. Your Long Island SEO Specialist will look for different ways to add your links to community websites and local Long Island directories.  As a result, your website will get more traffic, and hopefully more conversions.    

We also rely heavily on guest posting in high authority websites in order to increase your domain authority. This means coming up with carefully optimized content to post on external sites, with links back to yours.   

Local citations are listings in local business directories, the starting point of which is your Google My Business page. According to the top SEO authorities, all your business listings should be as consistent as possible, especially when it comes to your business name, address, phone number and hours of operation. Having different information on several of these can confuse google and lower your ranking in the search results. For more information on this, see the “backlinks” section of this page, or click here for a substantial list of local directories

What Can A Long Island Business Expect From Us?

Hard work and results.

Long Island SEO and Web Design

Seo (getting your website found) and web design (designing it effectively and attractively) should work synergistically. That is, if you’ve spent a lot of money on a web designer, but nobody can find your website because it shows up on page 4 of Google, you’ve basically wasted your money. Some people will argue against this, usually the ones who are new to online marketing.
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Long Island SEO helps new prospects you’ve never met or told your web address to find your business online. If you don’t need new clients, don’t waste time with a website or SEO. That being said, there are certain items in web design that can improve your SEO. One of these is UX, also know as User Experience. What this means, simply, is that if people find your site informative and engaging, they are more likely to spend more time on it. Google weighs heavily on this factor: Time On Site. The assumption is, since Google is so tight lipped about its algorithms, that if people bounce off your site quickly- your information was irrelevant. This will move you down in the search results quicker than you can flip a burger at McDonald’s! A quick fix to engage users is to include high value images and video. People like to look and watch- not read. Most people who graduated college never want to read again! If you get a visitor to watch a 1 minute video on your website, rather than bouncing in 5 seconds, it is a huge “get”.

Content Marketing and SEO

You may be wondering, how do content creation and content marketing tie in with SEO. It’s simple! Google uses a complex algorithm to help determine where it will index your website. Some of the ranking factors that are a part of this algorithm are the amount of people that visit your website (traffic), and how long they stay on your site (time on site). These factors indicate to Google how relevant your website is in relation to people’s searches. The more relevant, the higher the rank. Content creation, especially in the form of blog posts, is an excellent way to show your authority on a topic, in particular, the services you offer. Long Island SEO can save you time by writing authority blog posts for your website and distributing them on your social media pages.
Long Island SEO and Content Marketing

Social Media and SEO

How are social media and SEO connected? Social media is not directly connected to your website’s search engine optimization, although it can have an indirect effect on it. What this means is that when you post something on social media that gets shared, it could bring residual traffic to your website. Remember, website traffic is a search factor for Google. People who like your content on social media may also put backlinks on their websites to yours. Social Media = Traffic + Backlinks. Let Long Island SEO help boost your social media and website traffic.

Google My Business And SEO

Google My Business (gmb) is a free listing offered by Google to “brick and mortar” businesses. It is used to show information about local businesses with a physical location where clients can visit. Customers can also leave reviews on your Google My Business page. It is also important because it is directly tied in with Google Maps. Your Google My Business page can show up at the top of the first page of google for a local search, if it is optimized properly. This section, at the top of page one, with a map and red dots, is sometimes referred to as the “map pac”. It is prime “real estate” on the web.

Local SEO Case Study

Language Scholars — Keyword: Certified Translation Services Tysons, Va.

A language translation company in a small town in Virginia wanted to get better visibility on the web. iDesignYours took them from Page 4 to NO. 1 ON PAGE 1! We also managed to secure a position for them on Page 1 for the whole state. Not too shabby. Let’s dive in!

The first thing iDesignYours did was to interview the client about their services. Which ones they provide, which terms do they think people use to search for their business and what are some of the most common questions they get asked by new clients.

We came up with a few keyword ideas, such as certified language translator Tysons, Va., translation services Tyson’s, Virginia.

iDesignYours carefully devised a strategy, based on this information, to help Language-Scholars rank on page 1 in a local search. We meticulously shaped the content for the page based on this research.

We made sure to add the keywords in a natural, organic way, in all the relevant places on the page. And what do you know? Boom! Page 1, right out of the box. No waiting for months.

Although, the longer the page was up, the more it got traction in surrounding counties, until it eventually ended up on page 1 for the whole state of Virginia.
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Long Island SEO Case Study
Google Review For Long Island SEO Company
iDesignYours increased the visibility of our site in search results for our local area, and it didn’t take very long to see it happen.
Laura Trauncelito
Owner of Language Scholars
long island seo case study
Long Island SEO Case Study

SEO and Web Design Case Study

North Star Auto Collision — Keyword: Queens Auto Collision

North Star Auto Collision needed a website for their body shop. Apparently, they had one but never kept track of it, and it went down. iDesignYours built them a new website and included search engine optimization for the term, “ queens auto collision”. The result was No. 1 on Page 1 of Google, AND shows up in the map pac as well. We also increased their business exponentially by improving their online reputation.
Long Island SEO
Google Review For Long Island SEO Company
When my website was finished, it showed up on page 1 of Google almost immediately! I really lucked out finding this company. They were honest and always gave a little more than I expected. The owner, even after I paid him and the job was finished, continued to make improvements to the site.
Blaise Massineo
Owner of North Start Auto Collission

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Phil did a great job with my SEO, he gave me new insight on ways to improve my footprint and be seen on many platforms. SEO isn’t an overnight deal, so his persistence pays off.

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