Content Marketing

Content Marketing is essentially the process of introducing yourself and your services to prospective clients in an informal way.

Content marketing is a wonderful means of showing your authority on a subject, rather than pounding prospects to death with tacky sales pitches. With this method, you establish trust over a period of time by writing insightful blog posts about how your services can help your prospects. An example of this might be if you are a lawyer practicing personal injury in California. You could write an article suggesting ways people can recover damages from accidents. Maybe you would write the article in such a unique way so that it stands out from the other 2 million articles on the topic, and if you’re really at the top of your game –you’ll work with your SEO Specialist to make sure your article ranks well with the search engines.



The game is to get the right attention, right? So you should grab people’s attention with captivating visuals . I’m talking about images, video, graphics, infographics and even animation.

How Does Content Marketing Tie In With SEO?

I’m glad you asked! Content Marketing, starting with well-optimized blog posts on your website, can definitely boost your visibility on the web


In essence, it does this by attracting attention, usually through social media shares. That’s one of the steps towards getting better ranking –eyeballs on your site. This “buzz” you are creating, no matter how small, can lead to people liking your content enough to put it on their websites. Now you’ve entered into the realm of backlinks, which Google finds divine.

So How Can Your Content Marketing Get Those Eyeballs On Your Site?

Your Content Marketing should provide valuable answers to prospects’ questions in order to get them to visit your site. When a prospect sees value in your information, it’s likely they will share it with their friends, right? I mean, it’s only natural. These “shares”, along with proper keyword placement in your content, can help you rank better in Google.


Without a doubt, some of the best platforms to use to show your face in public are Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and that controversial one…Yelp. These are valuable because you can get your content /message across while introducing your business in a casual, entertaining way. Of course there are many others, but time is short and the ship is leaving…

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