5 Simple Tips For Lawyer Marketing You Can Do Yourself

Lawyer Marketing

That is, if you’re not too busy with ebt’s, discovery, motions, trial prep, court conferences, consults with new clients, asking your online marketing firm why nothing happened after you spent all that money. Did I cover it?  

Idea # 1: Comment on Youtube Videos Related To Your Area Of Practice

A perfect example is what the homicide detective is doing in this video while watching what some are calling one of the best interrogations ever done by a homicide investigator.

You see edits of the video when it pauses and goes to real-time with a detective who is watching the video and giving expert commentary. A criminal defense attorney, a personal injury attorney, or any other attorney for that matter, can do the same. This immediately shows your expertise and makes you an authority on the subject in question. Search for videos related to your niche, set your cell phone up on a smartphone holder or tripod facing your computer screen while the video plays, and record it. Then, pause the video at a point you’d like to make a comment on, turn the phone so it faces you, and tell the audience your take on it. Simple. Rinse and repeat.

Idea # 2: Start A Podcast

I know, you’re panicking about all the gadgets and technical stuff! You can start a podcast with your cell phone and your computer. There are microphones you can buy that work with your phone if you want better voice quality, but your phone should do just fine. The bottom line: podcasts are getting more and more popular, so why miss out? And a podcast can be used as a voiceover for a Youtube video, so you can benefit from it twice. Below is a step by step “how-to” video on how to create a podcast for free, on your phone. 

Idea # 3: Sign Up With Haro

Help A Reporter Out – this is a platform where you can register as an expert in your field. Reporters from all types of high profile newspapers have access to this and often go here for expert advice. You can end up getting quoted in a nationally syndicated newspaper!

Idea # 4: Create A Press Release For Your Firm

Anytime you take on a new client or big account, provided you have their consent and it doesn’t violate any privacy issues, make a press release announcing the good news. Got a favorable ruling or won a great settlement for your client in a difficult case? Make a press release and get the word out.

Idea # 5: Create A Blog Post

Sounds obvious, right?! Ah…. but here’s the twist; add your video commentary (no. 1) and your Podcast Episode (no.2) to the post (provided they are on related topics. Use proper search engine optimization in the article, then post it on your blog. Afterwards, post your blog article on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Send a memo out to all your employees to go on their personal social media accounts and “like and share” the blog post. The algorithms of these platforms will give your article far greater reach if people respond to it quicker. In other words, if it sits for a day without a single like, then suddenly it gets a few likes, the social media platforms won’t share it as much as if it gets immediate shares.  

In closing, these are all doable for free or low budget. If you would like some assistance with any of these, please contact us. Thank you.
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