How To Remove Rogueads Malware From Your WordPress Site- (No Coding and Video!)


Too lazy to read? Watch the video! See link below.

What you’ll learn in this blog post;

  1. What “rogueads” malware is
  2. How to remove this garbage from your website- without coding

Rogueads is a malware that gets injected into your website’s code by hackers. It takes over your website, basically hijacking it with ads from other companies.

You will know when you’ve been hacked with this fiendish malware because you will see all kinds of ads popping up on your homepage- ads you never requested or posted in any way; pop-ups of porn, dating sites – even ads for software to protect your computer from hackers!

The people that do this for fun or profit should be placed in front of a firing squad- and bang, next!

The following video will show you, step by step, how to remove this malware from your website using the Wordfence Plugin.

*Note- before you activate this plugin- make sure you have a back up of your website in case the plugin breaks it!!

This is something you should always do when adding or updating plugins- make a back-up.  You never know what can go wrong with WordPress.

Usually, if a plugin breaks your site, simply removing the plugin can fix the problem. But, just in case!

So here are the steps from the video, to refer back to;

How to Remove Rogueads Malware From WordPress –

Step #1. First, Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel using your username and Password.

Step #2. Go to left hand side column. Scroll down to plugins. Click.

Step #3. Then click on ” Add New” .

Step #4. Then Type in WordFence in the Search bar.

Step #5. Install WordFence and Activate.

 Step #6. Then, in left hand column, click on wordfence, then in new box, click dashboard.

Step #7. A new screen will appear. In the box that says “This is your dashboard” – click on “next”.

Step #8. Now you will see ” Easily Monitor Your WordFence Protection” – Click on next.

Step #9. New box appears- Global Wordfence Option – click on Got it tab.

Step #10. In left hand column, Click on scan under wordfence.

Step #11. Now Click on “Start New Scan”.

Step #12. Wait for scan to be completed. If there is any malware on your site, it will be listed below in an orange triangle.

Step #13. Click on tab that says Delete all Deletable Files.Step #14. A box will appear – Are you sure want to delete?


Step #15. A Box will appear saying how many files were deleted successfully, and if there were any errors.

Step #16. Now you will click on start new scan by clicking on blue tab -Start New Scan- on left.

Step #17. After the new scan is complete, if the Wordfence plugin removed the malware, you should see blue check marks where there were orange triangles before.

“Blue check marks mean your site is now clean from Rogueads Malware!

Congratulations! You have successfully removed the malware from your website. Visitors will no longer see those ugly pop-up ads that some lowlife hacker put on your site. To double check if your website is clean, visit Sucuri at

Type your website url in the search bar that says “example” and click “scan website” on right of search bar.

A new screen will appear telling you if your site is safe or hacked. Don’t worry if you see orange medium risk warnings- they are just warnings of extra measures you can take to harden your website.

All green check marks here = all good.