Google My Business Optimization Hacks! (2020)

Google My Business Optimization Hacks will teach you how to optimize your Google My Business Page so it can show up in the “snack pack”, or “maps” section on the first page of google.

You won’t be learning how to set up your business page on google, but instead, how to optimize it after it’s set up.

These Google My Business Optimization hacks are the “dirty little secrets” that SEOs don’t want you to know about, for fear you won’t hire them! Let’em eat cake!!

Ok, so here’s the drill; you’ve gotten your postcard in the mail, entered the code, the whole shebang. Now you have your Google My Business page up and running… and you’re ready to grow.

First, Log In To Your Google My Business Page

You do this by logging into your gmail account, going to the top right-hand corner and clicking on the “apps” icon. This is the one with 9 little dots, 2 spaces away from your profile picture.

Now you will see twelve little icons- but maybe not the one for your business page. It’s ok, don’t worry- it’s there! Just scroll to the bottom of this window and click on “more” and a new page will open up. You should be able to find your Google My Business page icon here, if it wasn’t on the prior page. Click it.  Now you will see a list of your business pages – click on the one you want to work on. It will open to your business page dashboard. The column on the left-hand side is where all the magic happens. 

The First section you’ll see at the top will be “Home”, then “Posts”, then “Info”. Click on Info. This is where you will make changes to your Google Business Page.

Name, Address, Phone Number and Business Hours Must Be Identical On All Your Business Directory Listings

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that all your business info.; name, address, phone number and business hours, is 100% correct. Your Google Business Page should be the template you use for ALL your other directory listings, because keeping info. consistent and accurate is what google likes.

“From The Business” Is Your “About” Page

This is basically your business profile; what you do and who you serve. Does the profile on your Google My Business Page really differentiate you from the masses? Does it “bring it” when it comes to your keyword and what you do best- the thing that makes YOU the “go to” person for your trade? If not, go to it! This is the place to speak about your business, and it can be found directly underneath the “highlights” section of your info. page. It’s called “From the business”. Make sure you fill it out as thoroughly as you can – don’t skimp on this section, trust me!

You Know You Should Add Photos, Right?

Ok, but here’s the rub- before you add any photos to your Google My Business Page, you need to optimize them. You will do this on your computer, before you upload them to your GMB page.

How To Optimize Images For Your Google My Business Page

First, go to your computer and go to your images. Choose the one you want to add first. Double click on the title of the picture underneath it and change it to your keyword. Yes, trust me- do it! Now your file name for this picture should be your keyword.

Next, right click over the image … follow me so far? If I’m going too fast, just…oh, that’s right- it’s an article.

A new box will appear. Go to the bottom of that box and click on “properties”.

A New box will appear again. Scroll across the top of the box to “details” and click.

Ahhh, now you are in that secret domain of the seo badass.

Now you go down to the word Title (below “Description”) and click next to it. A space should open up. Note- this will only work with jpeg images, not png.

 Type in the file name (your keyword) of your image in the space next to title. This is what you just named your image- same exact spelling.

Underneath Title is Subject. Fill that out with the exact same keyword.

Next is rating. Hey, it’s you – you gotta give yourself 5 stars, right! Do this by hovering over the stars and clicking.

Next will be “Tags”. Add five of your top keywords, ie. seo company, online marketing, knitting- whatever- 5 of them separated by commas.

Make sure you include the File Name of your image in “tags”, since it is your main keyword.

Not bad so far, right? Didn’t have to go to school to learn coding that looks like hieroglyphics on the side of a pyramid, right?

Now scroll down to “Comments”: write a brief description of company and services here.

Next, go down to “Authors” -put your web address like this in the box next to it – – use http or https- whichever one you have.

Go to bottom right of the box, click “Apply”. Then click “Ok”, bottom left. You are done with this part of the optimizing. Do the same for every image you add to your google business page.

GEO Tag Your Images -The Secret Weapon Of Google My Business Optimization Hacks!

Now it’s time to geo tag your image by adding the longitude and latitude of your business location to the image. Yikes! Did he really say that? Oh no, panic mode!! Cool your jets. It’s easy.

Go to the site Go to the section on the top right and upload the image you just optimized.  There is a map section on the top right with a search bar. Type in your business address- it will autofill in the choices below the bar- just click on yours.

Below this section you will see the photo. Next to it you will see some boxes. Go to the bottom of this box to where it says, “Write EXIF tags” – click on it. Next to that you will see a download button- click that.

Now you have a geo tagged, seo optimized image ready to add to your Google Business Page. Wasn’t that easy?

After you’ve added lots of these images to your business page, check all the sections once again. Are they filled out correctly? Anything you thought of adding? If you are pleased, let’s move on.

Now It’s Time To Get The Word Out!

Now go to and “ping” the url. This will spread the word far and wide around google.

Now Go to Quora. If you don’t have an account, sign up- it’s self-explanatory.

You will see a box on Quora that says “Ask question” – click it.

Now make up a question about Google My Business – ask anything. “How is Google My Business For SEO?” Whatever.

It’s just an excuse to answer the question AND ADD THE LINK TO YOUR BUSINESS PAGE IN THE ANSWER! Now you have another backlink to your business page- probably 2 more than most others!

These Google My Business Optimization hacks should really boost your listing. Also, make sure you have a link to your Google Business Page on your website. And go on Twitter and all your other social media pages and tell your followers you just put up a google business page- and share the link with them.

The more social signals there are attached to this page- the more traction you’ll get with google!

And, as always, good luck -we’re all counting on you!