Non-Profit Organizations : Get A Sponsor’s Page – ASAP!

A Lot of Non –Profits Are Missing Out On A  Great Fundraising Opportunity

All too many times I see non-profit organizations immediately come out and ask for donations on their websites, but they don’t even have a page where they give credit to their supporters! Yikes, it’s like going to school and not getting a report card, or getting all the answers right on a test –but your teacher doesn’t give you a grade! It’s astonishing, really, when you to think of it: who doesn’t want credit for a job well done? Nobody I’ve ever met, that’s for sure.

How Many More Sponsors Would Non-Profit Organizations Get If They Had A Supporters’ Page That Credited The Sponsors?

Let’s think about that for a second. And let’s bring it right down to local: all the businesses in the local area of the non –profit would surely like the opportunity to get a plugin for their business. And being attached to a non –profit is more than just a regular plug –it shows your business cares and gives to charity, and that’s a good thing, really good. Am I making sense?

If You Owned a Local Business and There were Two Non-Profits in Your Area: One that had a Sponsors’ Page and One that Didn’t – Which Would You Donate to, All Other Things Being Equal??

It’s a no-brainer: you’d give to the non-profit that mentions your name.  There shouldn’t even be a reason to explain this, but for those of you who didn’t get the memo:  ADD A SPONSOR’S PAGE, ASAP!  You don’t know how many dollars you are missing until you do.

What About Corporate Sponsors Who Aren’t Near Your Brick and Mortar?

What about them?! They want recognition too. The more you give, the more you get. And chances are that if you give a business recognition on your supporter’s page, they will mention your charitable organization on their website in return, even if it’s to brag that they gave to it. Now you’ve got $$ and exposure for more potential supporters.

 What Other Benefits Can My Non-Profit Organization Get From Supporters?

If someone really loves your cause, they might make a sizable charitable donation. You want to “up” your game a little? You call your local newspaper and brag about how generous the supporter was… now you both might get some publicity. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing!

What Do I Put On My Sponsor’s Page?

There are different strategies on how to capitalize on this, for instance, some of the bigger non –profits show the amounts, within a range, that sponsors have donated to express their generosity.  They will have a corporate logo of the supporter in a section that might read, “Supporters in the $3,000 – $5,000 Range” and the amounts go down as you go down the page.  Others show a bigger logo for those that donate more. It just depends on the way you want to do it. Your web designer, if the are any good, will have some suggestions about how to design your sponsor’s page.

Should A Non – Profit Link Back To A  Supporter’s  Website?  

Yes, without a doubt! Why? Because online businesses are becoming savvier than ever about search engine optimization (SEO), and they’d like the added benefit of having a dofollow backlink from a charitable organization. Why? Because Google recognizes these links as being valuable and will improve the visibility of the business which the backlink points to. It’s another way for you to attract more corporate sponsorships, and another way for you to give back to them. Give and take, remember.

It May Seem Selfish, But Hey…

 …it’s just a reality. People like recognition. A lot of them like it more than money. So knowing that recognition is such a huge motivating factor –what will your charity do to capitalize on it? I mean, you’re in the game, might as well play it, right? You can’t sit back like a wallflower and expect things to just fall in your lap – on the web or anywhere else. Go out and bang on some doors, or url’s, depending.

Ok, I Think It’s A Great Idea, But How Do I start?

First, if you don’t already have one, set up a separate page on your non –profit website just for supporters. Now start throwing some of your supporters’ logos up there and linking back to their websites. Mention them on your social media. Tell the sponsors you put them on your social media and ask them to “like and share” the posts. Now other potential supporters will start seeing the buzz. You can only win with this.

 All The Big Charities Are Doing it – What Are You Waiting For?

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